Countries in the west and central African regions will experience lower costs towards their broadband use. This is the ultimate intention of? a? study commissioned? by? the New Partnership for Africa?s Development, NEPAD Agency. Detecon International? is? the? ICT consultant? firm? selected? to? conduct? the? study,? design? networks? and? develop? business plans expected to? attract? investments? in? broadband in the? two? regions.

?The outcomes? of? this? consultancy will? be? an? important milestone? in the? development? of? the? regional broadband backbones that? will? lead? to?improved connectivity and broadband services in 25 countries?in West African and?Central African States.

It highlights that?? reduction? of? communication? costs? will? have? a? significant? impact? on? services? costs? in? these? regions and? as such? make? West? and? Central Africa? regions? more attractive for? investors. The? realisation? of? those? regional? networks? will? also? be? an? important? milestone? in? continental? integration? and? will? contribute? to? intra-African? trade? expansion.

To put into effect key aspects of this exercise NEPAD and Detecon this week signed a consultancy agreement.??NEPAD?s Director of Corporate Services?Bankole Adeoye, said at the signing ceremony in Johannesburg that the speedy development of broadband infrastructure is key to Africa?s socio-economic development and NEPAD?s would ensure follow up on the implementation of ICT regional projects.

The study falls in line with the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA). The grants for project running costs and consultancy were provided respectively by French Development Agency (AFD) and the European Union (EU?s) Infrastructure Trust Fund (ITF).

The consultancy is conducted in partnership with the?Economic Community of West African States?(ECOWAS) and Economic Community of Central African States?(ECCAS).



Maureen Nkandu

NEPAD Communications


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