Vice-President Kwesi Amissah-Arthur

Over the past few years, West Africa has become an increasingly important venue for international drug trafficking and organized crime.

According to the United Nation?s Office on Drug and Crime (UNODC), since 2006, between 20-30 tons of cocaine per year are transiting through the region en-route to Europe.

With 20 tons valued at approximately US$ I billion on the whole-sale market-a sum higher than the GDP of most West African countries. The criminal behaviour and corruption that are associated with the cocaine trade is seriously affecting the very stability of the countries in the region.

The Vice President Paa Kwesi Amissah-Arthur has noted that insecurity in narcotics is on the ascendancy in West Africa, thus increasingly creating instability in the governance system in many Sub-Saharan countries.

He said illegal activity such as illicit drug trafficking and organized crime among others, hinders the development of the country. He lauded the initiative and says it will help curb the numerous challenges of the narcotics trade in the country. He said government is committed and will work together to ensure the success and sustainability of the programme.

The Vice President was speaking at the launch of a National Integrated Programme Document to fight transnational organized crime and to strengthen the criminal justice system of the country.

The Inspector General of Police Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Alhassan says the intuitive is to strengthen the security system in the country and enhance them to be able to fight organized crime in and around the country.

He was of the belief that the security agencies including the Police, Judiciary and Prisons must be empowered together as law enforcement agencies in the country so that the fight against organized crime can be achieved.

The programme was on the theme; ?To fight transnational organized crime and to strengthen criminal justice?. It was organized in collaboration with the Government of Ghana (GOG) and the United Nation?s Office on Drug and Crime (UNODC).

Source -The New Ghanaian Voice


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