By Samuel Hinneh

Individuals and firms that have made outstanding contributions to the development of the health sector in? the West Africa sub region are to be recognised in special awards to be announced during the Eight (8th) West African Health Conference and Exhibition (WAHEA Nigeria 2012) in Nigeria.

The awards called West African Health Excellence Awards (WAHEA) to be held in September 5-7, 2012, is intended to celebrate individuals, organizations and corporate institutions that have added value to healthcare, especially at the delivery level across the sub-region.

The Project Coordinator of WAH Nigeria 2012, Dr Wale Alabi, says the essence is to bring the efforts of those to be recognized to the forefront, as a way of creating opportunities for further partnerships with governments and private sectors for better and affordable healthcare delivery for the people in West Africa and by implication to continent at large.

?WAHEA has been created to celebrate and reward the best individual and organisation performances in the healthcare sector in countries within West Africa,? Dr Alabi said.

He also noted that, ?the Awards is to recognise and celebrate the rapid growth of the healthcare sector, and the capacity of individuals to influence and set new performance standards across West Africa.?

Speaking on the focus of the awards, he said, ?The Awards focus on elevated performance, the creation of new business models, recognising and embracing new trends, market leadership, inspirational performance and the elevation of the customers internally & externally.?

Some of the categories to be recognised include: Best Primary Healthcare Provider, Best Secondary Healthcare Provider, Best Tertiary Healthcare Provider, Best Manage Care/Health Insurance Provider, Best Healthcare CSR Project, and Best Healthcare IT Provider.

The rest are, Best Radiology Service Provider, Best Pathology Service Provider, Best Biomedical Engineering Service Company, Healthcare Entrepreneur Of The Year, Best Standalone Speciality Hospital, Best Indigenous Pharmaceutical Company, Best Multinational Pharmaceutical Company, Best Pharmaceutical Retail Outlet, and Best Bank In Healthcare Support.


Source:?Samuel Hinneh


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