Agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation, Monsanto, has released a press statement indicating its core principles and operations. The release comes in the wake of an FSG march with Ghanaians against one of the corporation’s flagship chemical, “Round Up”.

The Food Sovereignty Ghana today joined hundreds and thousands of people around the world to send its displeasure for Monsanto’s flagship chemical, “Round Up” which the group states is “poisonous”, “carcinogenic” and “not registered as fact with our local policy makers”.

In Monsanto statement, however, the corporation expresses commitment to rather finding solutions to feeding people and protecting the earth we live on.

Below is an original copy of the statement:

The more than 20,000 people of Monsanto are committed to having an open dialogue about modern agriculture and how food is grown as we focus on using digital tools, data and research to find solutions that balance the need to feed people and protect the planet – we’re proud of the work we do, and we’re eager for people to know more about us. Through innovation and collaboration with farmers and partnering organizations, we develop new tools that help the world’s farmers grow food using less of the earth’s natural resources. We know people have different points of view on these topics, and it’s important that they’re able to express and share them.


Charla Lord

Edmund A. Sakyi/