We’ll conduct elections in Nigeria without police by 2015, says Jonathan
From JUDEX OKORO, Calabar
Wednesday February 22, 2012

President Goodluck Jonathan has stated that his administration is committed towards conducting election without police by 2015.

Jonathan, who stated this during the PDP grand finale for the Saturday governorship election in Cross River State yesterday in Calabar, said it is his hope and believe that Nigeria is gradually imbibing some elements of democracy, adding that with time we would all be able to work as democrats by voting without fear or molestation by anybody or security agents.

“By 2015, we want to conduct elections without security people carrying guns. We want a situation where Nigerians would queue up and vote, the votes are counted and nobody is cheated, so that at the end of the elections, there would be no all kinds of litigations with all kinds of stories.

“For now, we are succeeding. INEC is succeeding. The next step of our campaign is that we want to make sure we conduct elections in Nigeria without police.
“That is our next campaign and God willing, before 2015, we would conduct election without security carrying guns to follow us. We are disciplined people; we know we have discipline people. We know Nigerians are disciplined people. If all of us agree to do it, we would do it. Cross River is one of such states we can use as a model. We can conduct election in this peaceful state without police,” he emphasized.

Appreciating the unity that exist in Cross River over the years, the president maintained that if there is continuity and unity, not infighting, then the state would develop, explaining that government of any administration is like building a house by putting one block on top of the other till you are done.
According to him: “Substituting one governor with another would demolish what has been done by the other one, you will be moving but there will be no progress and urged Imoke to continue with the spirit of former governor.”

Eulogising Imoke he said, “We need to be here. I am here, Vice president is here, Obasanjo is here, Senate president is here, and speaker of the House of Representatives is here because the state is doing well.”

“All the PDP governors of the South-South are here and of course all the senior citizens, to show that we all believe in the Imoke leadership. So for those of us from Cross River State, we charge you that on Saturday, the election would come up, you go there and make sure you vote Liyel Imoke back. At the national level, starting from my general election in April last year, we have been advocating one man, one vote, one woman, one vote, one youth, one vote,” he stressed.

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