The coastal and parts of the middle belt of the country are now experiencing a weather condition known as “little dry spell”. This condition is characterised by atmospheric cold, especially at night and early in the morning.

Mr Tetteh Portuphy, the Head of the Forecasting Section of the Ghana Meteorological Agency, Kotoka International Airport, told the Ghana News Agency that the major rainy season had ended within the southern sector of the country but has started in northern Ghana.

“We have a lot of cold during this season which is characterised by drizzling and light rainfall,” he said. Mr Portuphy added that fishermen stood to gain from this season as they would make big catches.

He said during the season cold water came to the surface of the sea and brought along with it nutrients, which several fish came to scramble for, making them easy to catch by the fishermen.

Mr Portuphy said the season was expected to last till August.