Lawyers for the petitioners in the ongoing election case at the Supreme Court say they will resist any attempt by the respondents to tender new documents through their witness.

The court on Wednesday prevented Mr. Tsikata from introducing new document on the grounds that the court cannot ascertain its authenticity but however directed that any additional documents deemed relevant by the respondent could be tendered through their witness or the second respondent.

But Gloria Akuffo who spoke to the media after the hearing said the petitioners will not allow themselves to be ambushed in the trial.

She noted ?we have been consistent in our objection against the introduction of new documents by the respondents and will persist in that regard.

They had the opportunity as directed by the court to submit their defense against the issues we raised and they did not add these new so called pink sheets they seek to tender. We will not allow that?.

Meanwhile, Nana Ato Dadzie denied speculations that the respondent are seeking to endorse the impression that over voting occurred in the election.

He said ?what we are seeking to do is to prove to the court that these so called irregularities are mere clerical and administrative errors that were widespread in the elections and can therefore not be the basis for the annulment of votes in specific pooling stations as the petitioners are seeking to do?.


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