Brig.-Gen Williams Obene (rtd.), former Commandant, Nigerian Army School of Infantry, has called on President Goodluck Jonathan to sack governors of states in the North-East mostly affected by Boko Haram insurgency.
He said this would pave the way for the military to take full control of the situation.
Obene, in an interview over the weekend, stated that the democratic institutions and structures in the affected states had been preventing the military from taking full action against insurgents.
He stated that it was necessary to declare a total war on the insurgents.
He said, ?We, the experts, feel that we are at war. And when you are at war, you have more power and resources. If there is a state of emergency, there are some limitations. If you declare a total war, those limitations should be removed and the military will fully execute that war and bring it to a speedy conclusion.
?If a war is declared in that place, the civilian government will not be there. The case of over 200 Chibok girls wouldn?t have happened, if we had declared war. That governor wouldn?t have been on that seat to guarantee that the Chibok School was safe for the West African Examination Council examination. And those girls wouldn?t have been abducted.?
Obene stated it was possible that the sect had infiltrated the military, owing to reports of ambushes laid by the sect for soldiers.
?Yes, it is possible. Have you not heard the President himself declaring that Boko Haram is in his cabinet? Why will they not infiltrate the Nigerian Army as we also infiltrate their cells? It is an organised army. It is easier for them to infiltrate us than we infiltrate their cells, which is more difficult,? he said.


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