Tema, Feb. 19, GNA – Members of the Tema West Constituency of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) have disassociated themselves from a statement by Mr Sampson Kofi Eshon, Vice Chairman, calling for the impeachment of the President.

A statement issued and signed by Odeneho Kwame Amponsah, Acting Constituency Secretary, described Mr Eshon’s alleged statement through a section of the media as “baseless and unfounded” and urged the public not only to ignore the statement but, “treat it with the contempt it deserves.”

The statement said “what the President said on the Woyome affair was that he wished to know more about the facts of the matter which warranted the payment of the money to Mr Woyome, adding that this indeed led to the President call for EOCO investigations”.

The statement rendered an unqualified apology to President Mills and the NDC on behalf of the leadership of the party in Tema West for the embarrassment the alleged statement from the Vice Chairman might have caused them.

It catalogued the achievement of the Mill’s administration and said under the leadership of President Mills “Ghana has seen unprecedented growth rate of 14 per cent, sustained a single digit inflation for over a couple of years, production of grains such as millet and rice has risen to fantastic proportions and schools under trees is a thing of the past.

The President, the statement said “continues to fight corruption, cocaine trafficking has been reduced, attracting the recognition of the international community and also resulting in the general improvement in national security.”

“The leadership again wishes to express and pledge its continuous unshakable support to his Excellency the President especially in the forthcoming elections and wishes that he is retained to continue such development, good governance and the  leadership qualities, he has exhibited towards the Better Ghana Agenda” the statement concluded.


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