Hugo Broos, head coach of the Cameroon national team, has said his 2-0 victory over Ghana, was made possible by the decision to stop star player Christian Atsu from playing.

Atsu, has since the commencement of the competition, been a thorn in the flesh of many opponents, but was kept at bay in most of the game.

The coach said, at a post match press conference that, they watched several videos of the Black Stars and identified Atsu as the most dangerous player in the Ghana team and decided to stop him from playing.

Coach Broos said, “the only way to stop Ghana from playing is to ensure Atsu does not operate on the wings and this worked to perfection, as he was unable to provide passes for the rest of the team.

“We also noted that, Ghana likes playing with a lot of vertical passes, with a strong midfield and we ensured the midfield stop working with their vertical passes.

“It was a game we approached with a different tactical approach. Infact it was different from the one we used against Senegal and I must say our presence in the finals, is not a dream, but we worked for it.” Coach Broos stated.

According to the coach, they will now concentrate on their game against Egypt, as it is now the most important match in their lives.

“We have few days to prepare for the match, because we played on Thursday and the finals is Sunday. But my boys are more motivated for the cup than the fatigue.

“I have a team of 23 friends not players, who are motivated to play and die for each other. I have never seen this in my career and I think this is what has worked for us.” Coach Broos stated.

Source: GNA


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