The hip hop song and artiste of the year Kwaw Kesse of Mad Time entertainment has disclosed that he, together with his fellow Ghanaian musicians perform on stage while their Nigerians or foreign artistes invited come and sing during events in the country.

Kaw kesse the king of the streets said this in an interview and mentioned: ‘we are the artistes that fans want to see, we give them their monies worth but every time organizers want to pay us very small as compared to the foreign artistes they bring (no disrespect to any artiste).

The rapper said this when he was asked about his earlier charges for his performance to the organizers of the music awards which was GHC 10, 000.

He maintained: ‘the dynamics of stage craft is what makes Kwaw unique so yes I still stand by word if you want Kaw Kesse to perform pay GHC10, 000 after all some Nigerians come an take more than that but at the end of the event Kaw Kesse and his fellow musicians in GH rule the show, so stop cheating us.

Kwaw also noted: ‘I am urging all my colleagues to support me, it is about time we speed up and take what belongs to us, if any musician decides to do a show for free that is cool for sometimes we all perform for free to support the industry but when it is an international show with international recognition than we should charge like those coming, period.

The very strong words of the man insane Kwaw kesse and we think is a step in the right direction towards a successful industry.

Story: Nana Yaw Wiredu/


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