Gone were the days when young folks have to quickly get their chores done enough so that they could join family and friends who are already seated in front of their television sets in preparedness for their favorite local series such as the investigative and detective “INSPECTOR BEDIAKO” and “Kweku Ninja” the police and crime series, the captivating and tantalizing “TAXI DRIVER”, the selfish and crafty Kweku Ananse of “BY THE FIRE SIDE” fame, the intriguing “Things We Do For Love”, among others.
Since then, bunch of very educative local series such as YOLO (You Only Live Once), which I think somehow has its route linked to the very youthful “Things We Do For Love” which educate the youth about sex and teenage pregnancy, The GUY GUY which has Kalybos as the lead character, COCOA BROWN, and the likes sprang up to replace the old ones. But the influx or insurgent of foreign productions have dramatically  submerge local productions, hence Ghanaians appetite for TELENOVELAS such as VEERA, KUMKUM BHAGYA, JODHA AKBAH, SIMPLY MARIA, WE GET MARRIED among whole lot is on the ascendancy day in day out. One could listen to conversations from both, young and old, male and female, market women, lotto writers, bankers, shopkeepers, students, drivers and the likes discussing previous episodes or scenes of their adopted TELENOVELA with passion.
It is fascinating and frustrating watching local television stations in the country going on tour in various parts of the country promoting these foreign productions with pomp and pageantry, and whole lots of giveaway (gifts) to its loyal viewers who simply have to answer questions concerning the series which I think everybody is trying to put their money where their mouth is but relegating local content to the background drastically. I think those local television stations are trying to tell us that these local productions does not have better and very educative story lines that projects the Ghanaian and African value hence their support for the EL CUEDO SEDEO (SECOND CHANCE), BLOOD,ITALIAN BRIDE, WAKING UP WITH YOU, and the likes.
Yes I know people will argue that Ghanaian productions are of low standard as compared to their adopted foreign TELENOVELA, but I beg to differ from such school of thought. One can confidently say vouch that productions from the indefatigable producer extraordinare, Madam Shirley Frimpong Manso’s Sparrow Production are of a class hence given birth to such a master piece ADAM’S APPLE with sound and picture quality on point which kept social media, theaters, homes, and computers buzzing for years. Productions form other local producers are of equal quality and standards which could any day rub shoulders high with those foreign productions.
“Charity they say begins at home”, let’s start promoting our very own culture by supporting local production, push them to the heights that they deserve before promoting those adopted cultures which I think will keep local producers needed competition which will bring out the best in them. But if nothing is done about the current influx of foreign production will take over our culture and send producers out of business and may be one day , just one day, these foreign producers will take our culture package them nicely and sell it to us at a very high cost. I am just saying. 
My simple but sincere advice to our local producers is that they should tell stories that create positive vibes and project Ghanaian values in the right direction. There has been too many arm robbery and ‘juju’ (wizardry) displayed on our screens frequently which I think creates negative impact in the international viewership. I vividly recalled an encounter with a Jamaican –British born sound engineer whom I used to work with.., “Ghanaian movies are full of juju and nothing educative. 
Source: Charles Senyo Azaglo