The Vice President of Queen Mother?s Foundation, Nana Afua Wiafe Akenten II of Akim Awaham is calling for peace after the Supreme Court declaration on the 2012 Presidential Election Petition.

According to the group, Ghana must remain peaceful so as to create a conducive atmosphere to raise their children.

?Ghana is the only country that we have so we need peace, our children need peaceful environment to live and we as adults also need peace to bring up our children,? the Vice President of the Foundation, Nana Afua Wiafe Akenten stated.

The group which is made up of Queen mother?s across the country made the call at their emergency meeting held at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation Club House in Accra (GBC) yesterday.

Nana Afua Wiafe Akenten noted that Ghanaians are peace loving people and would always work towards that course.

?We cherish the peace that we are enjoying now so there should not be any way that it we should do anything to jeopardize it,? she noted.

She also called on the youth across the country not to allow themselves to be used by any individual or group of persons for their parochial interest.



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