The Roman Catholic Church has been urged to educate Ghanaians on the true history of Saint Valentine, the name behind the celebration of the Val’s Day, marked globally every year on February 14.

Mr Opoku Agyeman Prempeh, President of the Centre for Moral Education and Development (CEMED), of the Catholic Church, who made the call said, this would help to sensitize the public on the real meaning of the celebration, as the event inched closer.

“The youth need to know who this chaste and selfless priest was and the ideals he stood for during his lifetime. This would put the celebration of the day into a better perspective”, he added.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in Kumasi, he said some people were misconstruing the real meaning of the Valentines’ Day celebration and associating it with immoral activities, which was just the contrary portrayal of the works of the Venerable Catholic Priest.

“The media hype that Valentine’s Day celebrations attracts, especially on radio stations, occasioned by some immoral acts such as unbridled sexual activities, pool parties, drinking sprees and others, was defeating the purpose of the day”, he emphasized.

Mr Agyeman said it was about time the Catholic Church steps up public education on the life and works of St Valentine, touted as a compassionate, charitable priest, who also had great respect for the needy and the poor in society.

He called on the youth to be careful the way they celebrated the day and desist from acts that could be at variance with the true meaning of the works and life of St. Valentine.


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