The most sought after gospel sound engineer in Ghana and president of award winning gospel group No Tribe Nana Kweku Osei aka Nacy has said in an interview that talents in many of the children reality shows in Ghana including Talented Kids on Tv3 lacks real talent.

The chief executive officer of Nacy Recordz made this statement in an interview with Flex newspaper after his performance at a fund raising concert organized by Merton International  School at the Physicians and Surgeons Hall inside Ridge in Accra.

According to Nacy, he feels bad inside him anytime he watches any of the reality shows on TV laying emphasis on the just ended one on  TV3.

“I don’t mean to bring down the hard works of some people on any children reality show because I know we have many in Ghana showing on our television screens. I can make mention of Amazing Kids on TV Africa, the Pulpit on TV3 and again Talented Kids which shows on Tv3 as well. If we will call what the children have been doing on TV as real talent, then the arts and entertainment industry does not have a solid footing at all for the future” he added. Flex newspaper asked him what his real problem is and he continued with these words.

“What I have realized to be the problem is this. In Ghana, because of hardship we always have the problem of allowing our children to experiment with things in the house, especially when it comes to equipments. How many parents will allow their children to play with their TV sets, lap-tops and some sophisticated machines. What we forget is that, this is how the children also learn from the basic level” Nacy continued.

“If I watch some of these foreign children talent shows out side the country, this is where I feel we are lacking behind. Teaching that child to play an instrument alone does not mean he or she has talent. I see real and great talent in such children than what I see here in Ghana. For instance, I have seen that we have more children in Ghana who do well rapping than those who try their voices to do singing or play any of the musical instruments. As much as we appreciate rap music in Ghana, we should also encourage most of them to be doing better singing too” Nacy advised.

The award winning sound engineer was also of the view that, it`s high time parents stop putting fears in children of today despite the fact that they can be hyper sometimes to deal with. “Children learn in a way adults do not have an idea of but we always succeed in putting fear and timidity in them, therefore their inability to experience real talent and skills.

I believe that this advise should also go to school authorities who are fortunate to nurture the talents in these little ones so in the near future, we will have a better arts industry” Nacy added.

Meanwhile, grapevine information has it that Nacy and his management team are about to release an official peace song titled “wonsom” towards the elections ahead of us as a country. Official information about the event will be out soon for all to know what they have under their sleeves.

Source: Flex Newspaper


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