We know our roles, we don’t just delete names – YEA

The Youth Employment Agency (YEA) has, so far, deleted 1,016 names in the Brong Ahafo Regional Branch from its payroll of 6,102.

Reasons for deletion, according to the director of the Brong Ahafo YEA, is “some beneficiaries of the YEA had vacated post but were still earning allowance, the affected persons also had no appointment letters while some of the letters did not have signature of CEO and letters had the signatures of the CEO faked”.

The Director however noted that the deletion took place after an audit was carried out by the agency’s human resource over the past four months.

He also added that some beneficiaries of the scheme in the region were also found to have been above the YEA’s age requirements, which ranges from 18 to 35 years. For means by which the agency figured out such names, the director stated,

“We did not sit somewhere and start deleting their names from the payroll but we met those beneficiaries face to face in an interview on their job requirement across the district,” he revealed.

Beneficiaries, whose names were not deleted, he said, will from this week start receiving their allowances after it had passed through the internal audit for pre-auditing.

He said the Youth and Employment Agency (YEA) will, this year, continue to enroll unemployed youth in the region, to ensure that they get something doing as promised by President Nana Addo in his campaign tour.

He stressed those, who perpetrated fraud against the state, will be handed over to the BNI to retrieve all monies they fraudulently enjoyed,” he concluded.


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