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The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ababio Express group of companies Aya Boafo has called on the Trade and Industry Minister designate Alan Kojo Kyeremanteng to work towards reducing taxes that are almost crippling businesses in the country when approved by Parliament.

Several businesses have been reportedly grinded to a halt due to high taxes slapped on them by successive governments.

According to him, reducing taxes will curtail folding up of businesses and people will be willing to pay thereby creating jobs for the teeming unemployed graduates.

He admitted that taxes collected are used in building nations across the world especially in the area of infrastructural developments but excessive taxes collapse businesses.

Speaking with Kwame Adinkra host of Abusua Nkommo on Abusua FM he said graduates are employed when the private sector is able to establish factories to augment that of government.

He observed that majority of Ghanaians are stuck in their homes without employment asking the point in huge taxes that amounts to collapsing businesses.

‘Private sector’s ability in opening of businesses relieve people of hardships, graduates get employment when we in the private sector open more businesses. We are praying and hoping that the new trade minister will try everything within his best to reduce taxes,’ he said.

He called on the government to invest in the private sector by granting them loans to help establish more businesses lamenting the high interest rates by the various financial institutions.

‘They should help to reduce interest rates, it will go a long way to help businesses, people will be willing to pay taxes as well,’ he suggested.

Mr Boafo expressed optimism that the government is poised to change the fortunes of the private sector with the brainy guys he has selected to assist him lead the country.

He remarked that these are men and women who have acquired their monies already and will not  be desperate to steal from the national purse.

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