Dr Ransford Gyampo, a lecturer at the University of Ghana has made the radical suggestion that Ghana does not need deputy Ministers.

Rather, Dr Gyampo is calling for the strengthening of the Civil service, particularly Chief Directors in the various ministries, who are the ones who run the Ministries on a day to day basis, to perform the role being played by deputy ministers at the moment.

Speaking on Adom FM?s Dwaso Nsem morning show of Thursday, November 21, 2013, Dr Gyampo, who is also a Fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs argued:

?Ghana does not need deputy Ministers. Their work can be better done by Chief Directors?.

He pointed out that the work of Ministers and Chief Directors is clearly spelt out, but that of the Deputy is vague, and therefore there was no pressing need for them.

?What they do can better be done by chief directors,? he added.

Taking the argument further, Dr Gyampo said given Ghana?s population, it would be prudent for government to review downwards, the number of ministries, bringing together a number of allied ministries under one Minister to cut costs.

?We don?t need so many ministries. Some of the ministries can be merged so we can have an efficient government. Some can be just a desk in another ministry. We don?t need so many,? he insisted.

He called for a major restructuring of the civil service to among others, restore public confidence and cut down public expenditure.

?If done properly, you may not need a minister and three deputies. Don?t forget they also have special assistants.

If you [government] don?t trust the civil service, build it. If you have doubts about competence, do recruitment?s based on meritocracy. This is long overdue,? he argued.


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