Single Black Woman

?..So I was stopped by a police officer because my MOT had expired (which truthfully I was aware) and I was fined. I told a friend my ordeal and his first statement: ?It?s because you?re BLACK that is why they (police) stopped you.? I just looked at him, shook my head and answered: ?We cry of racism even if we break the law??. The cry of racism is killing some of us and we are aware (I think). We are not developing as individuals because we have condemned ourselves to be either black or belonging to a certain tribe, wherever we are located.

Some parents in the diaspora have done a very big disservice to their children by planting outrageous thoughts in their mind that ?white people think blacks are blockheaded and don?t bother with them?, is that statement supposed to empower them or deflate their self-esteem?

The young brain is like a sponge; any information you feed into it soaks and stays there. The child goes to school and cannot be bothered to put in any effort in his/her studies because the teacher thinks he/she is block-headed, maybe go into higher education and choose a course meant for his/her ?type?, finishes school and ends up roaming the streets because he/she is not employable and the same parent will be chasing prayers for that child they have ?killed?.

When you move to another country and you?re unfortunate to mingle or live with racist criers, you?ll never achieve anything worthwhile. Apply for a certain job or a course and they?re quick to tell you it?s not meant for ?you?. That is not being helpful, that is killing you. Young people are languishing in jails with their talents because they think there is no life outside prison.

This is the same way people cry tribalism when it comes to certain services and positions in Ghana. It?s either an Ashanti, a Northerners or a Ga is in power so all jobs will go to them. They sit down, fold their arms or raise their arms in despair because there is no chance of them getting positions or getting jobs

I am not disputing the fact that there is racism; racism has been there before you and I came into this world. And to be truthful, we are more racist than the people we call racists.

Instead of crying racism at every little opportunity, we should rather motivate and inspire ourselves that we can do it and we WILL make it. People are making it, working for reputable organisations and living a descent life, how did they get there in the first place?

We owe ourselves that favour of making it. The truth is very bitter but it needs to be told!

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