You?ve been dating an amazing girl and you can see yourself being with her for the long haul ? but how do you know if she?s ?the one??

Twitter can help. On Friday, the hashtag #WifeHerIf was trending and we rounded up some of the best tweets. Read through the tweets below for 20 signs you?ve found your wife.

images (3)#WifeHerIf every time something happens, she?s the first person you want to tell

#wifeherif you find yourself wanting to show her off to everybody.

#WifeHerIf she can have fun no matter what time or place.

#wifeherif you?d rather stay in and chill with her on a Friday night then go out and party with friends

#wifeherif you wouldn?t be able to stand seeing her with someone else ?

#WifeHerIf she?s always there for you even when you?re hard to love

#WifeHerIf She Wakes You Up Every Morning By Rubbing Your Back And Kissing You.

#WifeHerIf she watches Sports Center with you every morning.

#wifeherif you leave your wallet at home and she says don?t worry bout it, and pays, no lip

she throws your towel in the dryer when your in the shower #wifeherif

#WifeHerIf she has a sense of humor and can be a smartass with you

#WifeHerIf you can trust her, and she makes you not miss being single?

#WifeHerIf you would be proud to have a daughter just like her.

#WifeHerIf She hangs out with you all day to watch a Walking Dead marathon.

#WifeHerIf She doesn?t call/text you every 10 seconds when you?re with your friends

#WifeHerIf your whole family likes her!

#wifeher if shes independent

#WifeHer if she absolutely loves your playoff beard

#wifeher if she goes out of her way to do the little things.

#WifeHer if she helps you succeed & pursue your dreams instead of brining you down..


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