So, you have always been complimented for your?dazzling?smile. We hope you have a perfect set of pearlies to give you that radiant smile.

Yellowing of?teeth?are?a thorough let-down. Dark lipsticks, especially shades of red and even neons, bring out the yellowness of your teeth. Thus, it is imperative to have a clean set of white teeth for you to flaunt that neon pout. However, whitening or brightening your teeth need not be an expensive affair. You don?t always have to splurge on products and treatments that will leave a dent in your pocket. Here are some natural ways to whiten your teeth.

imagesMix baking soda
This is by far the cheapest and most effective way to whiten your pearlies.?Baking soda?is easily available in most general stores.?Squeezeout?a little toothpaste?in a bowl. Add a pinch of baking soda to it. Mix it up and then brush your teeth with it.?Indian food?tends to stain teeth a lot, because of the use of turmeric. Try this mixture before bedtime. Ensure that you rinse your mouth thoroughly afterwards, as baking soda doesn?t taste good if left in your teeth.

Gorge on strawberries

Strawberries are tasty and make for a great scrub for your teeth. The tiny seeds in the fruit scrub away the tartar off the teeth.?Works?well on days when you are feeling too lazy to do much else in the way of oral?hygiene.

Use a straw
We all love our daily cuppa. However, caffeine addiction wreaks havoc on your teeth. Sad but true. Having too many cups of coffee or tea stains teeth like nothing else. The same goes for soda. You simply must give it up completely or restrict your intake to as little as possible. If you can?t give it up, at least try using a straw to?sip?coffee or soda to avoid direct contact with teeth.

Most people don?t think much about it. However, flossing is one?habit?that you must inculcate. It is one of the best ways to dislodge the food that you have eaten all day long ? even if you rinse thoroughly, food particles get stuck between your teeth. It helps in cleaning the stains in the creases of your gums while preventing?gum?disease. Grab some?floss?and make it your nightly routine.


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