Wayanad is a pleasant and beautiful holiday destination, sitting amidst the majestic Western Ghats, in north-east Kerala. The region offers tourists a glimpse into rural life along with the simplicity of life offered in the region thus, offering a fresh escape from the mundane city life one is used to. The beauty of the region along with the impressive location of the region makes Wayanad the ideal place for nature lovers to enjoy and adorn the beauty of nature. A vacation in Wayanad is not only all relaxation and no fun, the region offers its tourists a fine blend of both and thus, ensuring tourists have a memorable and enjoyable time in the region.

Wayanad is a sparsely populated region and is also pleasantly untouched by the evils of overt commercialization as a result of which the region has still managed to hold on to its old world charm and a peaceful and charming ambiance, which captivates tourists making them return to the region over and over again.

The beauty, location and the ambiance are the major factors behind the appeal of the region that charm in tourists from all parts of India and also rest of the world.

The name of the region ‘Wayanad’ has quite a few interesting beliefs associated with it. One such belief says that Wayanad actually is a combination of two Tamil words (Vayal + Naad), Vayal meaning Paddy field and Naad meaning land thus, Wayanad literally meaning ‘land of the paddy fields’. According to another popular belief the region was formerly known as Mayakshetra (Maya’s land) from which it evolved to Mayanad finally settling onto Wayanad.

There are several interesting sites present in Wayanad which is worth a visit.

Some of the prominent tourist destinations located in and around Wayanad include Chembra Peak, Neelimala, Meenmutty Falls, Chethalayam Falls, Pakshipathalam, Banasura Sagar Dam, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Muthanga Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Tholpetty, Jain Temple, Edakkal Caves, Pazhassi Raja’s Tomb, Pookote Lake, Sentinel Rock Falls, Kanthanpara Falls, Sunrise Valley and much more.

Along with sightseeing, tourists can take advantage of the fresh surroundings of the region and indulge in various sorts of outdoor activities like nature walks, trekking, hiking, etc. A visit to the local markets famous for its coffee, tea, cocoa, pepper, plantain and vanilla, is also a must. There are plenty of travel and tour operator offering exciting and lucrative Wayanad Packages inclusive of all travel paraphernalia, especially during the summers.

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