WatsUp TV, a pan African Entertainment TV show currently broadcasting on TV Channels across the African continent is set to launch its maiden outdoor initiative WatsUp TV Africa Music Videos Awards (abbreviated as WAMVA).?An annual event which will be held in various African countries, will be honouring Anglophone and Francophone artists from the Africa music video medium.



As a new trend on the Bloc, WatsUp TV Africa Music Videos Awards (WAMVA) will set the pace to create a name and image for African Musicians and is here to increase the bar in the industry
Public nominations will be open during the Launch event early this year which will pave way for African artist to submit their videos.

The Awards YouTube Channel where videos about the event will be featured is (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nq6zbwn6vy) and will be using #WAMVA as its official hashtag on social media networks. For more information and contact to the team, [email protected] is their official email.

Akpah Prince
[email protected]


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