As water serves? as one? of the? basic? prime? necessity? of? life, the? indigenous people of? Abamkrom,? a? farming? community? in the Eastern Region have? bitterly? yelled for Government support? in the? provision of? portable drinking? water.

the dirty river serving as source of drinking water
the dirty river serving as source of drinking water

The folks? living? in the? community? according? to them, hinted that? they? are? posed? to series of dangerous health problems? since as? bilharzias,? cholera, foot rot among others.

?Our village has been neglected by political bigwigs thereby exposing us to all sort of water borne diseases?, they stated.

The indigenes also nagged that they find it difficult seeking medications for their predicaments as result of lack of competent doctors and inadequate health facilities.

?We have no option than to drink the contaminated water and fall sick since we have no alternative or substitute?, the indigenes averred.

?We now also face the situation of health facilities to serve as remedy to our sickness?, they added.

In the high of their above situations, the folks called on the government, NGO?s and Co-operate organizations to come to their aid to provide then with clean water and competent health practitioners to help eradicate or minimize the water-borne diseases.


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