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Corrupt Leaders Will Go Down In 2014-tb Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua, General Overseer of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations, SCOAN, has disclosed that he had a vision of the tragedy which rocked his church on 12 September.

TB Joshua
TB Joshua

One of the buildings within the Ikotun Headquarters of SCOAN suddenly collapsed, leaving more than hundred people dead and many others severely injured.
And while there have been a lot of allegations and counter allegations regarding the incident, majorly centred around the non-approval of the reconstruction of the building, the Prophet has issued yet another twist to the incident.
According to a statement posted on his official Facebook page, the cleric turned to his ?haters? who blasted him for failing to predict the disaster.
He wrote: ?for the three weeks before the incident, if you heard my message and sat down, you would know I was giving you a vision and prophetic Word on how to handle the situation at hand. Trials and tests are meant for our belief. I go by the directives of God.
?Don?t allow yourself to be used by satan. If you do, satan will use his people to run to you and disturb you the more. This is an opportunity for them to disturb your faith with their negative words?.
He also took a swipe at his critics and warned that they and their families should stop speaking badly about the man of God.
?I pray the satanic agents should be the only ones to suffer this. I said, our God will get back to them. Warn your family and brothers about their talk. You will know I am a man of God this time. People who are looking for your downfall and run to disturb your spirit, warn them to be careful of their tongues and the people who come to them. God is a God of vengeance ? anybody can go for it,? the controversial clergyman warned.
He also added that, ?you cannot help me, only God. Don?t disturb me; please leave me with God. You will see the outcome. I am saying this so that only the people who did this will suffer for it and you will not in any way suffer for it.
?The people who are writing whatever they are saying ? all of us will see the outcome of this. Leave it for God.
?People are using this to gain money and friends. This is a warning. Whatever people want to write let them write; they will be the ones to read it. I said our God would get back to them.
?He has started somewhere. He is coming. If your brother is involved, unless he can resurrect the people who died, he will join them. If you can resurrect the people who died, you can go free?.

Source:?Global Village Extra


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