?Paranormal Activity 4? brings together two terrifying things: The suburbs of Las Vegas and Xbox Kinect.

Also, creepy demon children. With five years having passed since the events of ?Paranormal Activity 2? (?Paranormal Activity 3? was more of an origin story), ?Paranormal Activity 4? catches up with Katie and Hunter, whose last appearance together took place after a grisly double murder. Fun? They?re back in ?Paranormal Activity 4? (though Katie isn?t seen and Hunter may simply be possessing a poor boy named Robbie) and ready to haunt an innocent Nevada family with falling chandeliers and video games.

Expect mass casualties, but also major coin: The first three ?Paranormal Activity? films have totaled just under $600 million in ticket sales around the world to date.

?Paranormal Activity 4? arrives in theaters on Oct. 19, just in time for Halloween. Head over to Apple to check out the trailer in HD.


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