Urges government to take an interest in its development

School sports in Nigeria

The President of West Africa School Sports Union (WASSU), Thomas Olaiya, has said that school sports is still vibrant in the country.

Olaiya however added that they needed more attention to thrive.

“School sports is bubbling in Nigeria now; school sports is vibrant in Nigeria, that is why Nigeria has taken the leadership of school sports in West Africa. If not for the fact that Nigerian school sports was vibrant they would not have called on one of us to come and lead West Africa School Sports Union,” he said.

He called on the three tiers of government not to pay only lip service to it, but instead, guarantee the future development of sports in the country.

“I think we need to make a clarion call to our state governments and to the federal government of Nigeria that they should pay serious attention to school sports. School sports should not be used in public places as lip service but we should pay real attention to it. We should make sure that school sports has its place in the scheme of things,” Olaiya added, opining that physical education and sports should be made compulsory as a part of the curriculum of schools in order to awaken the interest of students. 

“We need to ensure that the school curriculum includes physical education and sports, so that students can be interested in sports from a tender age. But if made an extra-curricular activity, then we are in problem.” 

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