South Korean electronics firms Samsung and LG said Tuesday they were dropping a series of mutual lawsuits, including over LG executives who allegedly vandalized washing machines made by their rival last year.

“Both sides decided to settle future issues through dialogue and consultation,” said a spokeswoman for Samsung, the world’s leading producer of computer chips, televisions and mobile telephones, as well as white goods.

The washing machine row broke out in February when Jo Jeong Jin, head of the household appliance division of LG, was filmed on CCTV damaging a Samsung washing machine in a Berlin shop ahead of the 2014 IFA trade fair.

LG denied the charges, said he was testing the appliances’ doors, and sued back for slander.

Other cases have seen the companies accuse each other of stealing technology for organic LEDs.

In a joint statement, the companies said they were taking steps to cancel all such mutual lawsuits, and called on judicial authorities for leniency.

The shares in both rose slightly in late trading after the announcement.



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