The war between Robin Thicke and Marvin Gaye?s family over ?Blurred Lines? isn?t over yet. After a jury ruled in March that the 2013 hit infringed on the late musician?s ?Got to Give It Up?, lawyers for the 38-year-old singer and his collaborator Pharrell Williams are now pushing for a new trial.

In a new motion presented on Friday, May 1, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Thicke and Pharrell?s legal team argued that there were errors in jury instructions, improper testimony from a musicologist and insufficient evidence in the original trial. They also added that the jury?s verdict was inconsistent since T.I. was not found guilty in the case.

Additionally, the lawyers wanted to reduce the monetary award given to the Gaye children, stating that $7.4 million was double the profit Pharrell made from the song. They said that since ?the elements of [?Got to Give It Up?] claimed to have been copied amount to less than 5% of the [?Blurred Lines?] composition,? the award should be slashed to under $680,000.

Also on Friday, the Gayes filed motions of their own, asking for Interscope Records, UMG Recordings and others labels to be held accountable. They also wanted to halt the distribution of the song, and if the request wasn?t granted, they demanded for over 50% of all future revenues.

The judge will consider the motions at a hearing scheduled for June 29.



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