Controversial musician, Wanlov Kubolor was questioned by same beach attendees who gathered at La Palm Royal Beach on Friday, April 3 over wearing boxers to swim.

Wanlov Da Kubolor
Wanlov Da Kubolor

Hell broke loose in Ghana?s showbiz community in 2012 when sensational musician of Ghanaian Romanian parentage, Wanlov Kubolor, showed his dick to TV and radio presenter, Delores Frimpong Manso aka Delay during an interview on the ?Delay Show? live on TV3. He did it to prove to Delay that he doesn?t wear any briefs or boxers beneath the piece of clothe he wrapped around his waist all the time.

In the subsequent year, another photo of him and FOKN Bois group member, Mensa surfaced online showing their manhood exposed.

Source?team member was at Labadi beach on Easter Friday, April 3 only to see the vagabond Wanlov in his usual wrapper with his boxer (underpants) tied to his head which drew everyone?s attention to his presence. A few minutes later, he was spotted wearing his boxer to take a dip. This raised an endless argument among some of the beach attendees.

We got closer to those arguing to ask why. According to them, Wanlov has said on several platforms that he doesn?t wear briefs or boxers thus, their argument is based on the fact that he is not a ?man of his words.? They were expecting him to either swim naked or better still swim with his wrapper instead of boxers (underpants). Our effort to get his say on the accusation proved futile as he swam deeper to avoid the crowd.

Kubolor, whose real name is Emmanuel Owusu-Bonsu is noted for his unique way of dressing in short skirts with no underpants underneath and also walking barefooted.

Source: Pulsegh


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