wanlov Wanlov gets the stick for gay comment about God

Controversial Ghanaian musician, Wanlov got a lot of stick on Friday for posting a subject on his Facebook which linked the ?Ancient of Days? to gays.

The Pidgin rapper who has courted controversies in the country for some time now, posted on his Facebook page that, ?If god made man in own image then god seff get gay ways?.

The ?stinky? message attracted insults just like rotten foods would attract flies. Peeved followers of Wanlov expressed their anger by packaging vitriolic replies to show they abhor the act.

Though some users were lenient and went soft on him for reasons that he used a small ?g? in place of the big ?G?, others were frank to slap him with responses they believe he deserves.

He had earlier supported Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection by pasting on the same page that?Nana Oye Lithur is a progressive Ghanaian and a true human activist. How do gay people affect our society negatively? Pastors lie, extort, threaten, sex people?s wives and molest children?.


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