“Wake me up when September ends” The song which I can keep on hearing often when I feel low. The first time when I heard this was when I my girl friend ditched me. I was depressed but not much as I made up my mind saying that she was not worth me. Incidentally she was about to get married on September and this song made sense. I didn’t want to have her thought but it was very hard not to think for so I packed my bags went to Goa for a week.

As there wasn’t any luck showering on me I happened to hear the same song over and over again. This song kept reminding me of her and I was losing my mind. I was in Goa with my friends as they wanted a break from their stress-busted work and I wanted it from my frustrated life. Our motto was to find a calm place in Goa, the reason we selected south Goa, and to booze in peace.

The moment when we landed in Baga, we saw the beach was crowded with people. With so much of crowd in there, it was difficult for us to de-stress ourselves. We went down South to Colva and we could see that there were fewer tourists compared to Baga.

We were tired by our travelling and we decided to camp there even if the beach was crowded. As expected even Colva beach was crowded but unlike Baga were quiet. We hunted for some good hotels and again we were told either hotels were full or were charging exorbitant prices. We then called one of our friends who we knew was working in hotel industry. He helped us in getting accommodations in Hotel Graciano Cottage, which luckily was near the Colva beach.

It was the hotel managed by Panoramic Universal Limited and our friend didn’t work for them, so we were amazed by his hotel arrangements.

On our way to the room we got cartons of the available beers and we didn’t wasted any seconds in consuming it. Till the time we went to the room each one of had finished a bottle. Within one hour we were again outside for our second sitting in the beach. The only thought which we all had was to drink till the time we became dead drunk. I was the only one who achieved this target. It took me five hours and 1200 bucks to achieve the feat.

Everyone was not so serious about the target but I had the burning feeling inside my heart for which I took the solace of beer. I don’t remember what happened after 9 pm, we started our second session by 6 pm and by 9 pm I was in the beach. When I regained conscious I was in the hotel room alone, I checked the time and it was striking 12 pm. I tried hard to recollect what happened last night but the only thing I remember was I was in the shack having beer and time would have been 9 pm.

I went out to the beach where I found my friends. The moment they saw me they were laughing and some teasing me. They later told me that I was so drunk that I called my girl friend and rant her about behaving with me the way she did. I felt good when I heard that I checked my phone and I saw the her number in the dialed list. I spoke with her for more than ten minutes but don’t remember any of the conversation. I also found around five to six apology texts in my inbox. I felt so good that I again gulped a beer down. Since then I never had any thought about her. She tried calling me many times but I disconnected the call.

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