For over some few years now, WAEC leakage is gradually becoming a norm that we seem not to have any clue in solving it. It is as if it has grown into a virus that, we are finding it difficult to get its antidote.

WAEC-writing.jpgSecond cycle of our educational structure involves 3 components namely secondary, technical and vocational, but there is a deliberate and conscious efforts by handlers of our education system to make sure secondary education is placed above the other two Voc/Tech which is purely evidential in almost all government policies in the fourth republic. How many Vocational and Technical schools have we been able to build or renovated or refurbished and equipped in the fourth republic? Sadly most are mission base and collapsing with no proper cut to fit funding. This is one area all governments after Nkrumah is guilty off.

How many times in our second cycle history have we had leakage of Technical Exams Unit and NVTI that supervises and handle exams of technical and vocational sector? It will interest us to know that as 2000s when I was a tutor in Presbyterian Women’s Vocational Institute in Begoro, second years write NVTI grade two both trade test (written and practicals) and Proficiency(purely practical base) third year they write Grade One then fourth year sit for technical exams unit Intermediate and fifth year Advance. What is worthy to note is that even grade two there is so much you would have acquired to make a living. Their exams are also supervised by assigned invigilators from the examining body per the level with no leakages.

Because these voc/tech is never our priority, we under fund it and show no interest in what they do do right which we can learn from. We treat these group like out cast to the point that it becomes like a means to punish a child who might not show prowess of reading. But I am proud to say that best polytechnic lecturers in various fields of voc/tech are those who went through the mill.

When was that last time also in our history did we ever organized rankings of technical and vocational schools according to their performances? It was until recently that GES stopped it, because it was evident that some schools with their alumna in higher places always wanted their schools to be on top. Governments after Nkrumah have missed the blue print developed by Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah concerning our educational sector especially with our second cycle level. We these same people complain about Ghanaian products? Which group of our educational sector must lead the industrialization agenda of this nation whiles we have marketed our secondary education to point that we must by all means pass our exams which is facilitated by the system. This mess correlates so well with how we go about everything in this country.

As we speak we have finally killed the technical component of all secondary technical (Sectech) in this nation to add to the already existing woes of pure technical and vocational sectors. When I was in Koforidua Sectech in the 90s the technical components were so practical that some found jobs or set themselves up with the skills they acquired in 3 years from the school one can imagine the old system and now this benefited them. It is sad to note that today it is virtually theory base. What do we expect because the grading system keeps changing and cuts off a lot of students when it comes to entry into the tertiary level.

If this is what we have done over decades, why then do we make a u-turn and complain over WAEC leaks. These particular experiences is even worse in our tertiary sector. Hope we remember the needles brouhaha over how graduates from polytechnics are treated on the job. They play second fiddle to their fellow graduates from university though they perform same duties and on evidence they even perform practically better than University graduates.

When leaks happens, which group of people indeed benefit most? The urban and most affluent children but the suffrage of cancellation affects innocent pupils and students at hwehwee, Otrokpe, Otokpolu etc all in the eastern region.

Are we surprised how slow we have become with technology in varied areas such as electronics, mechanical, electrical, etc. If ICT had been an area that needed strong formal form of education like we won’t be developing apps, softwares etc because they can easily be thought beyond the confines of a structured institution like SHS or University. There are a lot of young people doing wonders with ICT who would have amount to nothing considering their JHS and SHS grades. This example alone coupled with what apostle Kwadwo Safo is doing proves that there is something wrong with our second cycle structure and our entire educational systems. Yes we are doing well in the science fields like medicine, nursing, pharmacy etc but is any nation developed with these alone?

This attitude dovetails into our economic challenges because our manufacturing and industries are crawling due to the mindset we have about Vocational and Technical (technology) education.

Our second cycle education needs total overhaul to actually be the base and foundation for Ghana’s development if we really want to catch up with our independence mates like India, Malaysia etc. Let us all be responsible for this mess with our exams leaks over the years and be remorseful about it so we can right the wrongs perpetuated overs the years.

If we don’t fix our second cycle structures we should forget about a fast pace of development.

God bless our home land Ghana

Source: Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah
Transformational Coach & Author| Brand Expert| Consultant| Media Analyst
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