The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (G.P.R.T.U) in partnership with Ghana Police Service in Upper West Region has organised security sensitisation for drivers and head porters for passenger safety and protection of other road users.

This is the second time the G.P.R.T.U in collaboration with the Police in the Region has organised similar refresher training programmes in recent months to update their members, particularly drivers on crime, road regulations and public relations to ensure safety on the road.

The Upper West Motor Traffic and Transport Directorate (MTTD) Commander ASP Emelia Asiedu Gyekye who spoke on road safety during trips advised drivers to think about protecting human lives first when using the road.

She attributed most recurrent accidents to failure by divers to observe road traffic signs like zebra crossing or pedestrian cross walks, curves, white markings, speed limit, lane control, parking, standing and stopping signs as well as negligence to check conditions of their vehicles before moving them.

“Many drivers cannot read road signs and the white markings on the road so they always do wrong overtaking, even where there is zebra crossing or curves, these are not allowed and can cause accident,” she said.

“A good driver is the one who embarks on a journey and returns safely with all his passengers safe and happy,” she added: “Always think about the people who are left behind when accident occurs; the breadwinners who take care of the school and other dependants.”

ASP Mrs Gyekye also spoke against over loading and insecure loading as unacceptable as well as rickety vehicles plying on the road and those that did not go through regular maintenance checks to ensure their road worthiness.

The Wa Municipal Police Commander DSP Vincent Appiah advised drivers not to bow to pressure from some passengers to speed over the recommended limit.

He explained that over-speeding posed grave danger to all users of the road since it was difficult to control the vehicle anything a fault occurred or a tyre got burst or break failure.

Besides, he said, the impact of an over-speeding vehicle was severe and devastating when an accident occurred and called on drivers to always do proper judgment or accurate calculations when overtaking another vehicle, climbing hills or negotiating curves among others.

DSP Appiah said robust security measures have been put in place to curtail armed robbery attacks and ensure adequate protection of lives and property as well as ensure people transacted their lawful businesses without fear.

He advised drivers to be security conscious and volunteer information to the security apparatus to help them re-strategise in their operations so that businesses and citizens could also go about their lawful duties both during the day and night.

The Regional Senior Industrial Relations Officer of G.P.R.T.U. Alhaji Nuhu Mahama said the Union would continue to collaborate and cooperate with the police on road traffic regulations for the overall safety of passengers and other road users.

He reminded drivers to often abreast themselves of the road safety rules to improve their rapport with passengers to improve the transport business and move it to higher pedestal.


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