Vybrant fayaVybrant faya
Vybrant faya
Vybrant fayaVybrant faya
Vybrant faya

The dancehall music genre is fast growing among the Ghanaian music lover and the youth. Day in day out many artistes come into the music industry trading in the dancehall circle.

How different is this genre of music from the rest, the team caught up with Vybrant Faya who is the country?s most sort after dancehall artiste applying his trade in that genre.

Signed to the Shatta Movement family the founders of Ghana?s dancehall music industry; Vybrant Faya explained that he and his team at the SMF first of all appreciates the fact that young talents are now taking the genre very serious and pushing it to the top.

?The genre is different because it is reality, dancehall is life and culture. In dancehall you can?t talk about things you don?t either have or cannot do simply put anything you say in dancehall you have to be able to defend it?.

He also explained that aside the conscious vibes and serine thinking that one can do with the music it helps the youth to echo out their feelings whether against policies, directives or authorities. Dancehall makes sure every youth in the country is heard; it teaches the young people the realities of life and walks them on the path where they can stay humble and safe.

?I mean everyone can see that we are in a dancehall era from the western world to the African continent everyone is jamming to the tunes of dancehall but it is up to us as Dancehall artistes in Africa to package our work and make sure it is standard and by standard I mean the Jamaicanstandard?.

In talking the standard he has set for the genre in Ghana, Vybrant Faya said I Stand tall among all of thembecause my songs have crossed boarders and reached the Jamaica market. I have promoters from Jamaica such as Jahvis CrushRoad 876, and DJ Treasure from Spanish town using the song as an official Dancehall song in Jamaica.

Dancehall is about style, delivery; language cum diction, composition and attitude. All these attributes comes to me very easy and my song Mampi stands out.

Vybrant Faya opined that this is not to say competition is not good, on a more serious note I encourage my fellow artistes to do more for the genre to gain weight in the industry but with that said they all know that I stand tall among them in terms of label and everything.

He responded to the critics or school of thought who have been asking about the video for the single Mampi by mentioning that the video for that song will be released October and when it is out people, fans and the general public will understand the rationale behind the long wait.

The label business Manager George Wiredu Duah also added his voice to the talk by noting that the label Shatta Movement family is very sorry for the delay of the video but the video has to set that standard the artiste has over his fellow artistes hence fans should bear with the team for the long wait.

Mr. George also maintained that to the fans calling for when Vybrant Faya will be exposed, the label (Shatta Movement Family) can assure you that there are enough plans in the pipe line for the artiste to get interactive with his fans.

?We have over 15 activities lined up for the artiste and among which is a charity work, exposure party, Vybrant faya street tour and more; we understand and feel for the fans who have enjoyed the song from Vybrant Faya but have not seen him in person or watch his performance but once again to give you the best the team had to make sure everything is in order hence this October, Vybrant faya explosion will take over the country?, Mr. George continued.

Vybrant Faya stands tall among his mates in the dancehall music genre; check out songs from his reverbnation account, hulkshare.com/vibrant faya and follow him on all social media platforms.

Download Chapter II: http://www.hulkshare.com/vybrantfaya/vybrant-faya-chapter-ii

Download Takarawa: http://www.hulkshare.com/vybrantfaya/vybrant-faya-takarawa

Download Funtime: http://www.hulkshare.com/vybrantfaya/vybrant-faya-fun-time

The songs and lifestyle speaks volumes for itself hence there is no need to parade around with shoulders high but the competitors know who stands tall in the industry, his ending words.


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