The management of the Volta River Authority(VRA) has disclosed that Chevron Gas Limited, a Nigerian based gas company has hinted of plans to subsidise about 100 megawatts of its gas sale to the Authority to enable it facilitate its operations efficiently .

The move comes as a result of the commencement of a compressor upgrade activity from February 20 to March 17, this year.

The VRA made this known in a press release issued earlier this week, indicating that the package will further reduce gas supply to VRA.

According to the VRA, it does not expect any substantial reduction in power supply during the afore-mentioned period ‘except during peak hours from 6pm to 10pm when we could experience a shortfall up to 100 megawatt.’

The Volta River Authority (VRA) not quite long ago announced that a drastic reduction in gas supply from Nigeria through the West African Gas Pipeline to its thermal plants was forcing power companies to embark on a load management exercise.

‘As a follow up to our previous announcement on the shortfall in gas supply from Nigeria, which has affected power supply over the past two weeks, we have also been informed that Chevron Nigeria Limited will commence compressor upgrade activity from February 20 to March 17, 2012.’

VRA requested the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to undertake a load management exercise in various parts of the country until the situation returns to normalcy.

VRA said discussions were ongoing with the suppliers of the gas to increase supply from the current 40 million standard cubic feet per day (mscf/d) to the contractual volumes of 100 mscf/d to enable the company operate all its thermal facilities.

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