Volta Youth Congress has raised reg flags over the removal of Prosper Bani as?Chief of Staff at the Presidency and claimed his sack showed how the Volta Region has always been treated with contempt by the President and his advisors.


In a statement issued, members of the group have expressed their displeasure at the President for taking such a decision.

“We are deeply disappointed at the actions of President Mahama and we are at a loss to understand the reason for this disgraceful and unacceptable decision.”
The group also urged the President to reconsider his decision or else we will never campaign for NDC and will not vote for NDC in the 2016 elections.

“We will also not support or carry out any operation to bring voters from Togo or add the figures as we did in previous elections.”
They averred that Mr Prosper Bani left his lucrative job in Addis Ababa to come and serve his party and his country and that he has supported the efforts of the government has been loyal to the presidency.

“We decry the way and manner people from Volta region are treated with contempt by the President and his advisors. First you campaign and remove the NDC youth organiser who is Ewe, you throw out the National Security coordinator who is Ewe, you refuse to promote Ewes in government and you have not responded to calls made by our chiefs and elders regarding the state of roads and the development projects in the region.”

According to the Volta Youth Congress, it is a terrible mistake to think that just because the Volta Region is a stronghold of the NDC the President and his cronies can sit in Accra and take all kinds of decisions against us and expect us to vote for them.

“We therefore call on the President to re instate Mr Prosper Bani without delay,” they warned.




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