Francis Nyonyo, a Member of the Council of State, representing the Volta Region has hinted of plans to expand the region’s local economy.

He said soon, blessed with an aviation hub, the region would witness “massive expansions in all aspects of its economy,” which would be furthered by a proposed harbour in the south and a strategic bridge in the north.

Mr Nyonyo who was interacting with religious heads in the region therefore charged the youth to acquire employable skills and be ready to work towards the rapid socio-economic development of the region.

He said he was rallying voltarians in the diaspora to invest in various aspects of the economy and called for unity and support of all.

Mr Nyonyo said a secretariat and a “development think tank” would be established to facilitate the economic emancipation of the region.

He said he was also liaising with stakeholders to promote peace building in conflict areas to pave way for development in those communities.