President John Mahama
President John Mahama

As far as the sharing of the national cake is concern, the picture is not clear to some chiefs and people of Volta Region who have taken the president to the cleaners all have learnt.

???? The prominent chiefs from Volta Region according to a news report posted on Peace F.M. ONLINE.COM on December 11, 2013, the chiefs blasted the president over what they described as,? unfulfilled promises? and ?unfair treatment? to the people of the region.

It went on to say that, at separate traditional durbars and functions in different parts of the region namely Hohoe, Kpando, Kpalime Traditional Area and Kpeve, the chiefs expressed disgust at the way and manner the Mahama administration was treating the entire region with disdain regarding the promises it made to them.

The Paramount Chiefs of Gbi Traditional Area Togbuiga Gabusu V and Acting Paramount Chief of Kpalime Traditional Area, Togbe Adza Wuiah Kwesi II, were some of the chiefs who lamented over the ?unfair treatment? and ?insensitivity of the Mahamah government? towards the people of Hohoe, Kpalime and other areas in the Volta Region the story said.

Whiles Togbuiga Gabusu V, made a remark in reference to the ?government? inaction? more than a year ago after the Hohoe clashes that left some people dead and led to his palace vandalized making him to sleep on the streets ?HOW CAN I SLEEP ON THE STREETS?, Togbui Adza Wuiah Kwesi II, expressed the frustration at the rather slow pace of development in the area.

Togbui Adza Wuiah Kwesi II, Acting Paramount Chief of the Area, was plain and straight forward as he blamed both past and present governments for failing to redeem their promises in the past 16 years running.

In the last general elections, 734,641 representing 85.47 percent of eligible voters out of the total registered voters casted their ballot in favour of Mr. John Dramani Mahamah and the National Democratic Congress NDC.

The main opposition party the New Patriotic Party NPP, and its presidential candidate, Nana Akuffo Addo, got 111.149 representing 12.93 percent of eligible voters out of the total registered voters in the region.

Apart from the fact that they demonstrated once again to the whole world that when it comes to general elections in Ghana, the region is still an NDC ?World Bank?, the margin has indicated the fact that the chiefs and people of the area endorsed the president and the party as against other political parties.

If that is the case then why should these prominent chiefs from Volta Region turn round and blast the president and his NDC government they massively voted for in their world bank just within one year after electing the president?

Now the question many people who read the report are asking is were the chiefs and people of the Volta Region not given the opportunity to scrutinize the adopted policies and programmes of the contenders before the elections which informed their choice of President John Dramani Mahamah? So why are they now complaining?

In any case are they trying to tell the whole country that they entered into a contract with the NDC party to vote massively for it in the last election in return for mass development projects which the government is failing to fulfill it side after they have massively voted for it in the area?

Again, why are the chiefs and people of the region leaving their 26 members of parliament MPs representing them in the law making house out of the blame for lack of development in the region?

The 26 MPs from the region support motions and votes on bills and budget allocations to various ministries and assemblies for development projects in areas including the Volta so they are the first people for the chiefs and people of Volta Region to go after if they need explanation for lack of development in the region.

In the next edition, we will look at the parliamentary election results in those 26 constituencies especially the traditional areas where the chiefs have expressed their frustrations over slow pace of development and ask questions as to why the chiefs and the people are silent on their MPs.

Why are the chiefs and people of Volta Region silent on their MPs and rather demanding accountability from the president? We need to find out from them.



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