He said the situation, put against that of some other regional radio signals sounding loud and clear across the Volta Region, made the virtual GBC transmission black out in the Region worrisome.

Ghana Broadcasting Corporation
Ghana Broadcasting Corporation

Osie Adza-Tekpor was speaking to the Ghana News Agency on the sidelines of a meeting of the Ho-West District Congress of Chiefs at Dzolo-Kpuita, to launch the fifth anniversary celebration of the Congress.

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has curtailed power supply to all transmission installations of the GBC in the Volta Region for owing huge sums in unpaid bills.

As a result, Volta Star, the GBC’s local Regional Frequency Modulation (FM) station, which beams programmes through three transmitters, now operates only one transmitter, restricting reach to only parts of Ho, the regional capital.

The situation has created a virtual GBC-Television signals blackout in the Region.

Osie Adza-Tekpor appealed to the relevant government authorities to resolve this issue.

He said the consequences of the situation might look intangible now, but that the actual consequences for the development of the Region were enormous.

Source: GNA


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