Women in Vodafone (WIV) yesterday teamed up with the Leading Ladies Network, a local NGO in Awudome, Accra, to offer career guidance and development to young girls from selected basic schools within the Greater Accra region.

SAM_0037 (2)At the interactive sessions, the young girls from various basic schools including the Prince of Peace International School, Kaneshie 1 Junior High School, Ansaru-deen Islamic School, Winston Salem Junior High School and Revered Thomas Clegg Memorial School were taking through a range of career choices in Marketing, Human Resource Management, Technology and Enterprise Development and Management. They were also offered guidance on general topics such as self-esteem and discipline.

Vodafone?s lead on Diversity and Inclusion, Iris Owusu Manu, challenged the young ladies not to give up on their dreams and aspirations despite several challenges confronting women in Ghana. She stressed, ?it is tough embarking on a career in a male dominated society where socio-cultural attitudes and institutions define and shape your career choices. Such behaviour often push women towards careers that have low economic returns?.

The young ladies asked several questions particularly on how Women in Vodafone had succeeded in their respective careers despite the challenges they faced with their respective families and society.

Women in Vodafone is an association of female employees in Vodafone. They are committed to the development of underprivileged children and have in the past supported several NGO?s to offer protection and livelihoods to women and children.

Vodafone Ghana has very active Diversity and Inclusion policy which appreciates the role of women in the business; 50 percent of employees are women with some 80 percent on the Senior Management team.


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