Since taking over from Ghana Telecom over three years ago, Vodafone Ghana has made many improvements to its network in an effort to give customers an unbeatable customer experience and service.  These efforts were recognised with a best customer care award at the recently held Mobile World Telecom Awards.

‘To us, a good customer experience goes beyond giving the customer what they want; the aim is to exceed customer expectations and leave them feeling good about themselves and the Vodafone brand.’ Explains Carmen Bruce-Annan, Head of Corporate Communications.

The business inherited Ghana’s largest fixed line network and set to work in modernising the infrastructure to give customers a better voice and internet broadband experience.  Vodafone Ghana leveraged on partnerships at Group level to bring in experts in fixed line networks to train local staff and advise on best practice.  The BT (formerly British Telecom) team spent weeks in Ghana helping Vodafone set up systems and controls which make processes more effective, thus delivering a better customer experience.

The fixed network transformation project has brought the fastest internet speeds in Africa to broadband customers in Ghana with the installation of fibre optic cables and the latest switching technology called MSANs.  A simple speed test proves Vodafone delivering internet speeds in Ghana similar to those experienced by customers in more developed markets across the world.

Apart from improving the equipment and processes that deliver great services, Vodafone is also improving the customer facing and troubleshooting elements of the business.  Carmen Bruce-Annan, the Head of Corporate Communications explains further. ‘Our retail shops are ‘one-stop’ shops for our customers where they will be able to have all their communication queries and needs looked at. Vodafone also aims at being the easiest & most accessible provider of telecommunication services in Ghana. This is why we’ve rolled out over 200 additional stores nationally, where customers can now pay their bills, purchase services or have their issues attended to.  This is what we are working towards so that our customers have a great experience with the Brand and leave our retail shops happy.’


Vodafone retail staff are also trained in the Vodafone Way of customer obsession, which ensures that they put the customer first and making sure they leave the store a happy customer.

A new IVR service has been introduced for Broadband customers; the service will help the customer troubleshoot without having to wait to speak to a customer service advisor on the phone.  ‘We are aware that some customers will need customer support at some point so we try our best to make sure that their issue is dealt with as swiftly and the experience is as pleasant as possible.  All they need to do is dial 100.  Customer obsession is one of the values we instill on all our employees’

Delighting customers beyond their expectations is a constant challenge Vodafone takes very seriously.  Whether it means investing millions of dollars to modernise the network or evaluating customer service processes, Vodafone remains committed to being the network that gives its customers the most superior customer experience.



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