Vodafone Healthline has extended TV show, giving viewers the opportunity to access more health information on their handsets through a special Vodafone shortcode.? Using the short code 1788, viewers can text ?H? for daily tips and advice on staying healthy, ?S? to receive tips on sexual health and ?M? to know the real facts surrounding various health myths.? Vodafone Healthline airs on Sundays on TV3 at 5.00pm, GTV at 8.30pm, eTV and Top TV at 8.00pm; it is then repeated on Wednesdays on Metro TV and Crystal TV at 8.30pm.

Head of Corporate Communications at Vodafone Ghana, Carmen Bruce Annan elaborated on this initiative saying that ?We wanted to extend the health education beyond the TV show because of the incredible number of questions we received in the call for questions phase.? There is a clear need for information about our health and the daily health tips will keep people better informed to help them take better decisions based on the expert and reliable information they will receive.?

For 10 Gp per a message, viewers and the general public can readily access and receive valuable information and advice they need relating to specific health topics.

This week?s Healthline episode sees the panel of doctors answering questions on Ageing, the kids? corner explores the developmental milestones that children should reach and display as they grow, and sexual health related questions. The episode also highlights two common age related conditions from two elderly people from the Brong Ahafo and the Upper East region.? Kweku Twumasi from Nsuatre was suffering from an enlarged prostate and Akologo Atanga from Vea, near Bolgatanga had been living with a genital prolapse until Vodafone stepped in to provide financial aid for the surgeries.



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