Vodafone Healthline completes season two of life saving show Accra, Oct. 26, GNA ? Season two of the multi-award winning TV show, Vodafone Healthline comes to an end this weekend after 13 weeks of providing health information and saving many lives.

The show also paid for life changing surgeries to save the lives of many people across the length and breadth of the country to restore hope and smiles to patients and families.

Over the 13 weeks, the show educated Ghanaians on several health topics including cancer, the endocrine system, nail and skin care, diabetes, hypertension, etc. In the kids segment and treatment room, viewers were given practical demonstrations of health tips and medical advice.

?We ?re dedicated to making an lasting impact in the lives Ghanaians and has chosen the area of health because it is a very important component of a productive and fulfilled life,? Carmen Bruce Annan, the Head of Corporate Communications for Vodafone Ghana noted.

?We are also very excited that the programme has been embraced by Ghanaians which is evident in the recent awards that the show has won.?

Bruce Annan thanked the production team and all viewers for their support. ?Healthline returns with season three in January so everybody should watch out,? she added.

The final episode of Healthline focuses on the nervous system and the network for communication of our bodies. The episode also provides information on how to prevent spinal cord injury and how to improve stammering, which medically has no cure.

It also takes a look at the touching stories of a 10-year old Llyas and six year old Rosemary, who but for Vodafone would have continue to suffer social stigmatization as a result of their health conditions. Llyas suffered an unusual bone growth around his forehead, which started when he was a little boy. His condition which grew worse with time, has led to him dropping out of school because his peers kept mocking him.

Through, the intervention of Vodafone, Llya has undergone the needed surgery to correct the situation and is looking forward to having a normal lively childhood again.

In the case of little Rosemary, at the age of six she started suffering societal neglect due to her unfortunate health condition. Rosemary is an orphan, who lives with her aunt at Keta in the Volta Region and has what medically referred to as congenital malformation, which has ended up in a swelling around her buttocks. Her condition resulted in an uncontrolled passage of faces and urine and this has kept her out of school all her life.

Vodafone Healthline reserved her sad situation by paying all medical expenses for her to undergo the necessary medical operation.

The last episode of Vodafone Healthline comes off the screens Sunday October 28th on TV3 at 5pm, eTV and Top TV at 8pm and GTV at 8:30p and the repeat on Wednesdays on Metro TV and Crystal TV at 8:30pm.

The public can also continue to access valuable health information and advice while the programme is off-air on the HealthLine facebook page on www.facebook.com/vodafonehealthline.



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