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Vodafone Global Launches Firsts Programme


CEO of Vodafone Ghana,  Haris Broumidis

Vodafone Global has launched its new programme known as Firsts Programme, which is intended to inspire people around the world to do something remarkable for the first time using their mobile technologies.

?The new programme was launched in London on 13th January and it would come to Ghana very soon,? said Dinah Adu Asare, Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Vodafone.

?The Firsts Programme is seeking to transform the lives of people around the world through inspiring them to do something for themselves by using their mobile technologies,? Ms Adu Asare noted.

She commented: ?It is a corporate social responsibility programme and anyone who wants to access it can go to http://www.firsts.com/ for more information.?

Vodafone Group Brand Director, Barbara Haase, in a speech said: ?Vodafone Firsts is about personal innovation and inspiring people to think in a new way.?

The programme had already touched lives positively in countries like India and South Africa, the statement said.

 By Melvin Tarlue


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