With The Dome of the Accra International Conference Centre stretched to its capacity in spite of the high ticket prices during Saturday’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, it was clear that not everyone could experience the hugely anticipated award ceremony from The Dome.  For some selected hundreds of guests, Vodafone had an exciting alternative for them inside the Red Room, located at the VIP wing of the main conference centre.

The Red Room Experience was a VIP treatment for guests to watch proceedings of the award ceremony on live TV screens, in a calm and relaxing environment. From the red carpet tunnel, guests entered the Red Room to face a number of delightful options on how to spend the evening. The first room was more of a party room for those who just wanted to dance the night away to the best of music from some of the best DJs in the land. The room had couches and table stands for those who wanted to chill on the sofa while enjoying the music or to just watch others dancing; or for those who wanted to stand and have some drinks while they steal any opportunity to shake their bodies to the music. No matter what one chose to do, there was plenty to drink and nibble on.

The next room was a lounge with TV screens beaming live the VGMA which was happening a few meters away. The intimate setting allowed for easy relaxation, interactions and networking over some tasty cocktails that were whipped-up right from across the bar. Just in case nibbling on some delicious finger foods and cocktail while watching the VGMA was not enough, guests could also step outside for a buffet dinner in the ‘gardens’. From pork roast to salads and tasty dessert, there was an impressive entrée to choose from; and even better, there was a live performance from award-winning saxophonist, Steve Bedi to speed up the digestion process.

The Red Room Experience surely was an exciting alternative to the fun that took place inside The Dome. Luckily for me, I had a taste of both! I would have stayed a bit longer but at the time I got in there, the TV screens were not loud enough for me to hear the winners being announced, so I had to run back to The Dome, but not until I had enjoyed the scrumptious buffet. So just in case you saw me last Saturday with chocolate smudged around my lips or and in my handkerchief, now you know where it came from!

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