as I tried to remain silent on the outcome of the recently held VGMAs,I have received messages on my facebook and a few calls asking of my views.Well,I felt the event did not merit my review but for the love of my cherished readers I will drop a few lines of my thoughts.I captioned this piece ‘Vodafone Ghana Music Awards;Who Bought What?’ because that was the first question a fan asked me after the award ‘sharing’ night. One fan inboxed me and asked, ‘Is ’cheater house’(charter house) now Lever Brothers to be distributing awards?’…lol

I am not a dark force sacrificing individuals but a creative force working for the love of GH music.

The hype is always drawn, the ticket sales always high, the dough is taken, but the delivery is always the cliché, ”nothing to write home about”.There is no doubt that the media has out of fear designated this event as the best and never to be forgotten show of the year. I agree to an extent in the sense that it was a never to be forgotten show but beg to differ on the issue of it being the best but rather an ignominy. Vodafone made a fine effort in the officialdom as first timers but so sad that charter house did what they love doing best, ’award distribution’…..(You can ask Appietus).Let me be quick to add that, All performances were nauseating! It was Recharged for the love of Ghanaians’ money!

Before I proceed I would draw your attention to some people who were conspicuously missing from the show.The boys from Nima,VIP who happen to be the defending champions as far as this event is concerned were nowhere to be found. From my ignorant skull , I will assume they were not in town or they have a problem with charter house??….blah blah blah!! But Vodafone has no reason whatsoever to leave their darling girls ‘RnM’ out of the performance list…..Well!I stand to be corrected if wrong….They did not perform!

Ok! back to my beef with the award ‘sharing’ exercise. Who bought what??  The Top blooper of the night was Zigi’s Afro pop award which was very undeserving of him. Mentioning who was supposed to win won’t give the Award to Atumpan or Fuse ODG (Oh Sorry!).Ghetto Arise was the best reggae song of the year (Period!) Dr. Cryme did not deserve any award on the night (Ouch!).If a song which is considered the most popular song in Ghana has been nominated for a lower category like hiplife song of the year,then what is the logic in it failing to win the award?(Rhetorical!).And Is Kwaw Kesse the Hiplife/Hiphop Artiste of the year? Charter house should please redefine the ‘record of the year’.Is that award for the song which was not heard at all in the year under review?? E.L made it big with the Azonto craze and he was who  most Ghanaians discovered in 2011,not Stay J!I will pretend not to know Quabena Maphia won an award at the VGMAs…..Quabena Maphia???????…….I won’t say more!

A sound counsel by my brother ‘RoisKid’ to the artiste of the Year. Lessons Sarkodie Should Learn From VGMAs

I know all who mind and matter are reading.I won’t write to gain attention nor do that to tarnish anyone’s image, but I will do it for the love of Ghana music.
Watch out for the buried truth and what goes on that you don’t see!
As I always say and like an inscription on a vehicle in a popular TV series, “I SHALL RETURN”

Your truly,Mawuli Pomary

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