Participants of the Vodafone Ghana Foundation initiative ?World of Difference? have started their life changing projects in various parts of the country. Sarah Nsiah, one of the participants, shares with us her journey to inspire and change lives.

She first came across the advert for WoD initiative in an old newspaper her little son was playing on. It was a happy moment; she quickly called the number to get more details and find out if she was eligible to participate. 

After a series of interviews, an essay on her chosen subject ? educating people on eradicating Malaria, she was chosen as one of the 50 participants to work with Strength of Women Foundation (SOW) to assist with malaria education and in reducing malaria cases.

Sarah is a 39yr old single mother, who relocated to Ghana from the UK. She has been involved in many social enterprises to improve the wellbeing of people she interacts with, and helps to secure a better future for them through knowledge sharing initiatives and platforms.

One of her initiatives was an association called Young CEO?s which engaged young people to fulfill their potential. She hosted group workshops, training platforms for these young entrepreneurs to engage with like-minded people.

Sarah?s true passion for educating people about malaria, led her to start a facebook page ?, prior to her signing up for Vodafone Foundation?s World of Difference (WoD) project.

Her project choice is Strength of Women Foundation (SOW), an NGO that focuses on women?s health issues, poverty reduction, malaria education and reduction. Her choice was stemmed from the fact that as a young mother with sickle cell anemia, she understands the implications and issues of people living with sickle cell in a malaria affected area. But also most importantly as a loving and doting mother, she knows how malaria can disrupt a child?s life, without proper care.

All mothers have that worry and that was enough reason to work with SOW to help educate and reduce malaria cases to near zero.

The project started on the 22 of October 2012 and will end on the 22 of December 2012.  She began her journey in the district of Ho and Adaklu-Anyigbe with 20 communities under her wing.  She conducted research in each of the 20 communities to get a better understanding of what they were facing and in most cases, it was a lack of understanding and knowledge.

The various communities embraced Sarah and were eager to learn more about simple steps they could take to reduce malaria amongst their children and themselves.

Advocacy work begun on a fortnightly basis to share experiences, facts about malaria, simple steps each individual could take to prevent malaria ? it was made clear that children would sometimes stay out late playing, with no protective clothing, therefore exposing them to mosquito bites. Sarah worked hard to get the support from the USAID Malaria Ambassador – Nana Boroo who also happens to be a hiplife artist to support the NGO by sponsoring the project with LLITN ? Long-lasting Insecticides treated Nets which will be fitted in homes.

Sarah understands that her hard work would not be done after the project ends in December; rather it is the beginning of a bright future amongst these women and their families in the Ho and Adaklu-Anyigbe district.

They will be furnished with information and a task force will be engaged to carry on Sarah?s work within these communities. Sarah?s journey has been one of self discovery and growth and the sheer elation she gets from seeing her good deeds embraced by the communities

She continues by saying ?Vodafone foundation?s World of Difference project is a great platform to give back to people who need it the most; doing this on my own was no mean feat but having a respected brand such as Vodafone behind it to steer it in the right direction has given the subject matter of Malaria the weight it needed to impact the various communities. It has a been a life affirming journey, one that I hope to continue with and expand the need for better knowledge and understanding of eradicating Malaria cases to near zero?.

Carmen Bruce-Annan, Head of Corporate Communications of Vodafone Ghana reiterates the sheer magnitude of these projects and states that ?making a world of difference in someone?s life is humbling and rewarding, It takes determination and the power to want to succeed and change and that is why Vodafone Ghana believes in empowering people to be the change they want to see in the world and take the time to support their community at their point of need.,

The World of Difference programme is currently in its third year and has positively transformed communities with impactful and sustainable projects. Vodafone Foundation is building a sustainable future for the ones that need it the most.


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