Vodafone Call Centre
Vodafone Call Centre

Workers of the Vodafone Call Centre have begun an indefinite strike to press home demands for an increase in their remunerations.

The call centre which has been outsourced to Teletec, a South African BPO company, is based at the Ghana House building in Accra.

Vodafone Ghana outsourced the call centre to Teletec in 2010, ostensibly to cut down cost.

Workers who spoke to radioXYZonline.com said their decision is to force the management of Teletec to come to the table to negotiate for better working conditions.

According to them, the human resource officials have been avoiding the workers to discuss the matter. At the moment the union is speaking to the management of Vodafone with the hope of getting Teletec to sit and discuss their grievances

Source: radioxyzonline


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