A group picture of some beneficiaries and dignitaries at the event
A group picture of some beneficiaries and dignitaries at the event
A group picture of some beneficiaries and dignitaries at the event
A group picture of some beneficiaries and dignitaries at the event

Vivo Energy Ghana, the company that distributes and markets Shell-branded fuels and lubricants,has partnered Golden Star Resources Limited to launch and implement its new ?Access to Energy? project in the Wassa EastDistrict of the Western Region. This initiative is intended to provide support to neighbourhood communities of the Golden Star Resources Limited where Vivo Energy Ghana also operates.

Three Hundred (300) women within the neighbourhood communities of Golden Star Resources Limited, which are farming communities, are to benefit from the energy efficient stoves whiles (300) girls in Primary 4 to Junior High School (JHS) 2 will also obtain a solar lamp each to enable them to study after normal school hours.

The Corporate Communications Manager of Vivo Energy Ghana, Mrs. Shirley Tony Kum said the presentation of the items brings to a total of 1500 energy efficient cook stoves and solar lamps respectively, ?distributed to women and school children in the Western, Eastern and the Brong-Ahafo regions where the company operates. She indicated that bio data on beneficiaries of the cook stoves will be collated for future interviews on how the product has impacted on their lives as part of efforts in reducing Indoor Air Pollution.? This feedback will advance further research and help shape future Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

?At Vivo Energy, our ability to engage effectively with our neighbours in the communities where we operate, on issues that concern them, is essential to our business. Over the years, we have demonstrated our commitment to the development of our host communities through sustainable development initiatives,? says Mrs. Tony Kum.

The Operations Manager-Production of Golden Star Resources Limited, Mr. Emmanuel Dadzie, on behalf of his company, also distributed 120 gallons of Sanitizers, 80 Dispensers and quanities of Stationaries to schools in the operational area to prevent the spread of cholera and ease the burden on parents in providing the educational needs of their children.

The Chief of Mamponso Traditional Area, Nana Kwamena Damaoh 111, on behalf of the beneficiary communities, expressed his gratitude to Vivo Energy Ghana and Golden Star Resources Limited for extending a helping hand to improve the quality of the lives of the people in the areaand advised the beneficiaries to put the items to good use.


Brief on the Breathing Space Project ? Energy Efficient Cook stoves

The Breathing Space Project is aimed at minimising the damaging health effects of Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) arising from the use of traditional cook stoves. Causing more than 4 million deaths a year, smoke from traditional cook stoves kills one person every 8 seconds. Women and children, who often work at home around the fire, are at the greatest risk of exposure and account for 85% of the deaths due to indoor air pollution. Half of the world?s population still utilize traditional cook stove for food preparation.

The efficient cook stoves will help minimize the emissions of smoke and harmful chemicals that lead to diseases and deaths. Some of the benefits derived from the use of the cook stoves are:

  • Reduction in air pollution and toxic chemicals by 80%
  • Save on charcoal cost by 50%
  • Reduce cooking time by 50%


Beyond the direct health and economic benefits, women and their children are expected to spend less time looking for firewood. This translates into the women spending quality time with their children to ensure they do their homework from school, and also fosters proper upbringing.

Energy for Education Project – Solar Lamps

Inadequate power supply also continues to be a challenge facing our country and people are being encouraged to use alternative source of energy such as solar. It is also known that?? girls join their mothers at home to help with cooking after hours of assisting them at the market. This undoubtedly impacts on the time for studies and ultimate academic success.

At Vivo Energy Ghana, our aim is to provide these solar lamps to school pupils, with emphasis on girls who have a clear need to study in the evenings.

The benefits of this project to girls are as follows:

  • The Solar lamps will help reduce dependency on poor quality lighting from kerosene lamps and candle lights used for studying in the evening.
  • Reduces the inhalation of toxic fumes from kerosene soaked wicks
  • Reduces the dangers of domestic fire outbreak with the use of candles
  • Less expensive and much better quality lighting from the solar lamps.
  • Adequate study time available to girls so as to improve their test scores.
  • Ensure more girls attain higher education to bridge the challenging gender gap in education.


In today?s competitive world, education is a necessity for people after food, clothing and shelter and parents are being urged to ensure their girls fully benefit from the use of the solar lamps. Vivo Energy Ghana, remains committed to impacting positively on the education of girls, hence the solar lamps should be used for its intended purpose.


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